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Poster: BornEasement Date: Jun 9, 2011 10:35am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Apple Spaceship!

I know what you're saying with regards to "telling you what you want" but I meant that simply in observing the way products are distributed. And percieved. I simply wont ever like the idea that innovation is handed down to us from one source, rather than developed in and out of competition between a variety of programmers and designers. For hardware I meant soundcards, etc. Those things aren't easy to upgrade on a mac, and you can buy or build a cheap PC and customize the hardware to your liking for considerably less money than it would take to buy a high end mac, which would most likely have you pay for power in places you don't need it.

And don't undersell freeware. Foobar is simply better music management software for an audiophile than Itunes, and always will be.

The thing is, i'm not speaking to the "majority interests" of the computer clientele. Itunes and apples and ipods work great for those people. But for people like me, who need know exactly how and why my music is playing, windows is simply easier to use. And that's my point. The differences between macs and pc's aren't really dramatic enough to hugely impact most people, I think. My mom can use both. But Apple tends to leave the special interests of nerds in the dust in order to make money. Note that the ipod hasn't been meanignfully upgraded since '07, a variable century in MP3 player world. It's been left behind for fancy dandy smartphones which, while useful to teenage girls and busy yuppies, can't do the FLAC thing.

I'm not trying to degrade teenage girls or busy yuppies. They probably do many more important things than me and can't be worried about the stuff I'm worried about. But windows works great for both of us, I think, and Apple's products don't.

Though they do look good. In a wierd, creepily immaculate postmodern way.

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Poster: unclejohn52 Date: Jun 9, 2011 1:52pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Apple Spaceship!

Having lived with one foot in both worlds since the 80s, I can see your points, but...

as for "wont ever like the idea that innovation is handed down to us from one source" isn't that exactly what we lived with under the Bill Gates-Microsoft Dominion? Thank God, they've finally gotten to a stable product - but it still has so many holes that new ways to attack it are invented all the time. And as far as I know, it still relies on an antiquated virtual RAM paging system, accessing only about 4 GB of real RAM at a time ! Mind you, my machine at work is not configured for a consumer - it's got 24 GB of RAM - but Macs left Windows in the dust about 10 years ago in this regard.

Also - I've used tons of freeware - can't live without it - and I'll have to try out Foobar someday.

Soundcards - maybe not the variety you're accustomed to, but typically we run very high end video cards, which can port 7 channel surround onboard.

But, I'll grant you that Apple is out to make hay - when you're the David vs. the Microsoft Monolith, you win by out-innovating them, and then playing the same game they did. The other thing I detect in your post - and I agree with - you can detect a whiff of elitism in the marketing: you can have all this techno wonder, if you can afford it. And I agree, computers are just commodities, very little to distinguish the brands these days beyond the Mac borg-like box and some fancy marketing.